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Ma Anand Sheela

"I would never trade my love for anything, even if they give me paradise."

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"If you don’t follow what makes you happy, slowly it starts to die."

Yazemeenah Rossi

  • Photography by: Ian Flanigan

Four decades since her debut in the industry, model and icon Yazemeenah Rossi offers new ways of thinking about the ageing experience and the radical freedom of losing yourself to the unknown.

Yazemeenah Rossi a woman in her 70s with long white hair sits in a swimming costume covering her mouth with her hand looking at the camera.
Yazemeenah Rossi a woman in her 70s with long white hair dances infront of the camera in black and white.

In 2015, a radical statement was made by fashion powerhouse Celine. That year, under the stewardship of its former creative director Phoebe Philo, octogenarian author Joan Didion was unveiled as the poster girl for its Spring collection. Following that artful moment in fashion history, an assemblage of attractive, grey-haired female luminaries helmed campaigns that rallied against longstanding ideals of youth, naïveté and innocence - representing new ideals of woman immortalised in wisdom and experience. Of this movement, Yazemeenah Rossi is readily identifiable by her striking silver hair and athletic physique that drapes itself effortlessly into any garment. Born to French parents, the 62 year old beauty has exalted in the increasing visibility of ageing models who have helmed a new grey-naissance in fashion. Flourishing in her newfound success, Rossi joins the ranks of other notable women who rally against outmoded views on ageism and testify to the eternal cool of experience.

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