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CEO and Founder of The Class Taryn Toomey recommends her top skincare essentials.

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Elle Macpherson

Model Elle Macpherson shares the top wellbeing and fitness staples behind her personal routine.

I’m a big believer in daily routines because I’ve noticed that it’s through consistency that we see results.

Elle Macpherson

Vibro Gym Evolution

By: Vibro Gym

I use a Vibro Gym that uses vibrations passed through a vibrating plate to the body. I’m all for preventive steps in wellbeing – it’s not just about weight management. Keeping the body’s systems working is very important to me. It is great for muscle strength and fantastic for lymph health which is a foundation for wellness and for helping detox the body. They say that 10 minutes on the Vibro Gym is the equivalent to doing 1 hour of exercise.


By: WelleCo

For a healthy complexion, I drink lots of water. I drink between two and three litres of filtered water every day without fail and 2 teaspoons of the Super Elixir. It helps cleanse the digestive system, ignite the metabolism and buffer excess acids. 

Green Tea Salt Scrub

By: WelleCo

With body maintenance, I like to support my lymph system through dry brushing, starting from my feet and working up towards my heart. I take hot and cold showers to boost circulation and treat my body to a good exfoliation using WelleCo Japanese Green Tea Salt Scrub. It keeps my skin soft and supple. I found the formula on a trip to Japan and have loved and used it ever since.  

The Breathing App

By: Edwin Stern

In the mornings I start my day with 15-20 mins breathing and meditation – it’s remarkable how a simple practice can have huge effects on my day.  If I miss it for some reason when I wake, I simply do it some other time during the day. It’s never too late to start your day again. 

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Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is an Australian model, businesswoman and founder of supplement and lifestyle company WelleCo.

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